Dartman #1
Dartman #1
Grafix Chronicles #4
Grafix Chronicles #4
Monty's World TPB
Monty's World TP
The Warriors of Panlan
The Warriors of Panlan

Writer: Richard D. Irving
Artist: Lee Melton & Bobby Penafiel

Cover: Dan Solano

24 b/w pages

Writer: Lloyd Smith, Jr.
Artist: Phillip Fried & Dick Ayers

The Black Rose
"The Secret of the Topez Tiara"
Writer: Lloyd Smith, Jr.
Artist: David Vance

Brother Bones
"Needle Justice"
Writer: Ron Fortier
Artist: Joe Arnold

Cover: Steve Busti & Dick Ayers

24 color pages

Features every story from the Monty's World mini-series.

Cover: Luis Rivera

112 b/w pages

Writer: Lonnie Weems & Mark F. Davis
Artist: T. Warren Montgomery, David Marquez & Scott Shriver

Cover: Bruce Cashman
Colors: Miguel Caraballo

44 b/w pages


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